Hands on with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Build 16273

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After a couple of weeks off Microsoft are back with new Windows 10 insider builds. This is build 16273 for Windows Insiders on the fast ring and the build contains a lot of minor changes as Microsoft get ready to release the update. As well as the many changes there is the inclusion of the mixed reality features of the View 3D app shows off a Microsoft’s build event.
In this video I take a look at the changes and take a quick look at the mixed reality feature in View 3D.
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  1. Supposedly there is a new emoji feature in the my people app on the taskbar where you can have emoji's pop up on a contact's screen.

    Edit: I was wrong this is part of the "skip ahead" builds…..

  2. Can't wait for the release. But I wanted the highlight hover effect back. The redesigned quick settings of the action center didn't happen. I hope that Modern file explorer or redesigned file explorer might happen in Redstone 4 but the most important is the timeline cover. I know that Microsoft is slow on making those redesigns because they need to focus on bugfixes and making it much stable.

  3. Was taking ownership of multiple external drives, that I had windows installed on with data that I wanted to keep, The weird thing is my internal drive Win 10 broke in the process, I felt it like a permissions issue, so worked on it. and if fixed most of the issues. but still have some with the apps can't install or update without disabling the UAC, and edge still crashed everytime few minutes after starting it, so really can't wait to get this final update, which may fix things up for me, as I can't make a clean install, I have tons of programs that I use. Thank you, Ian, for a great work, and for keeping us updated.

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