HD DreamScenes on Windows 7 (Animated Wallpaper)

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Got a few PMs about this tonight so here are a few of the higher resolution DreamScenes I was able to find. Sadly most out there are much lower res.

In order from simple to overly animated:
Prowler, Black Death, Aqua Ocean Planktonic, 3DFiction #22 (not free), Seven Lights, Hack the Gibson, Crysis (one of dozens).

Wait, what is this DreamScene crap?
An old Vista add-on that allowed .wmv and .mpg files to function as wallpaper. Through a hacked installer, it’s…


  1. To people who have trouble with Dream Scenes…Go to either the Windows Club or Doors2Windows for customization items. Download the "Dream Scene Enabler", and click right use with Admin rights. Open it and click on "Enable Dream Scene." You now will be able to right click on .wmv video formats, and click on "set as desktop". It will work if you have Win 7 or Vista. Hope this helps guys. 

  2. i have been searching for the background you have at the begining of the vid AND I CANT FIND IT D: where did you get it i already tryed the dreamscene and i couldnt find it D: please reply I REALLY WANT IT XD

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