Headphone Not Working in windows 8 (FIX)

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  1. Do you have ideas on how to fix a mic issue? I have Plantronics Gamecom USB 788 headset and it was working fine until I unplugged it to move my machine. I plugged them back in and although I can hear from the headset, and my light shows up on apps like Teamspeak and Mumble when I use my press to talk, no one can hear me. I have reinstalled drivers, set default on both playback and recording tabs and made sure my mute button on the side of my headset isn't switched off on accident. Love my headset so I would love to figure out how to fix it.

  2. nothing happens when i plug in my headphones into my computer. also when i go to sound as you do in min 0:32 , i only have speakers there and i tried to show the disabled ones and there's none. also, i have an asus laptop with windows 8 and realtek.

    if someone can sold this problem i'd be very thankfull 🙂

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