Heavy Gear II ► 1999 Mechs – Download & Gameplay on Windows 10 – [Abandonware Adventures!]

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Have you played Heavy Gear II? It’s like MechWarrior but not! Giant customisable robots, complex detailed controls, and lots of destruction! Suggest something else I should play. Download link and installation instructions below!

Abandonware Adventures is a format where I find a good old game that is no longer for sale and play some of it. These are often PC games from my…


  1. Loved this game growing up but it's complex and difficult! Anyone else? Vote for this game on the GOG wishlist! https://www.gog.com/wishlist/games/heavy_gear_2 ALSO, ads disabled as this video is sponsored by LiquidSky! http://www.liquidsky.com to check them out. Note on the sponsorship in the description! Check out the full Abandonware Adventures playlist to see how to install and play more like Black & White, Metal Fatigue, and Dune 2000! – http://goo.gl/vslwSk

  2. Made it work! I really wish I could change the graphics options, since it is so painful to execute the program on a very small resolution, and I would also set textures to the highest settings the game can offer.

  3. Omg I loved this game growing up. I still want to play it. Did it win the GoG competition thing? I have to look more into this. This game was life growing up! I remember spending a day and a half trying to download the 50mb map editor over dial up internet lol I was in the DSR clan online as well, Dark Star Rogues – VyperByte. made a clan page for us and everything on homepages lol Man I had love for this game. Must play again!

  4. had this game back in the day but the cd went missing… bought another copy last year but never installed it. after seeing this video I've decided to give the game a shot tomorrow, hoping no compatibility issues emerge! heavy gear II was one of the best game of my youth, best FPS alongside Jedi Academy

  5. man…. thank you very much for this video.. it was awesome!
    I tried to find this game several times before… I'll try it again. I was 10 when tried to play it first time too… didn't work well…

  6. I had never even ehard about this game before, but it looks like a lot of fun. Have you ever played the campaign of the first Unreal game? It would be very fun if you were to play it 🙂

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