Here’s Why U R Getting Hacked on Windows!

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If you are a targeted Individual, chances are that if you use a computer using Windows OS like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, you have been hacked! In this episode, I’ll tell you how to avoid being hacked and profiled by Gang Stalkers.


  1. Yes. Take out the broadcasting device within your devices that you can get in and out without disabling the entire product rendering it useless. Thanks for your experience and info. I’m going to go this route. I haven’t been able to yet since they have pretty much completely wiped me out and beyond.

  2. I had been interested in playing online games. DO NOT give out your IP address to ANYONE. This opponent who I had given my IP to one time told me something that could only be known by myself. What "That Gang Stalking Show" is talking about being hacked happened to me years ago. They changed things on my computer, iDevice, etc. Back up EVERYTHING that is crucial to yourself on flash drives. The moment you start seeing things changed/disappearing from your hard drive, SHUT IT DOWN. Back up and start it again. Windows now has eye tracking technology BUILD INTO THE O.S. Talk about a dead giveaway that mind reading technology had been out there. Whether you're running Win/Ubuntu/etc, go into the settings and make it as safe as possible.

  3. In reality, the Government owns the backbone of the internet worldwide so if they want to know what you are doing, they can easily find out no matter what u use or dont use. This is old news. Edward Snowden.

  4. mind control is easy. The computer overwrites your brainwaves with a specific cellular frequency to match your brain's brainwaves. The computer then uses what is considered today as an "advanced" artificial intelligence to completely overwrite your personality without the ability to recognize it is occurring to you. Basically, if you are controlled to understand what i am saying, it is because the supercomputer caused you to know that, and if you disagree, it is because the supercomputer controlled your brain to disagree.

  5. the firm ware is compromised from the start, this is a factory installed thing required on all devices by nsa cia gchq. you will never get around it. They can hear everything you are saying without hacking anything, check your walls, i have found my neighbours have allowed devices to be installed in the brickwork of the dividing wall allowing them to eves drop on us.

  6. I have been getting hacked all over the place for a year and a half or so…… You made my day by disclosing that remote radio technology dude. I have been trying to figure out how the hell they have been doing this to me on phones and computers with airplane mode on and once even with the network card removed. I have a question, did you experience certain options and selections being greyed out? Or did you happen to get a dialogue telling you that access was denied when you tried to end certain services or tasks?

  7. I wish I had this video four years ago!! This is a great resource. Perfect example of what I mean by TIs working together- you just explained the same thing that took me probably months to learn on my own, and I am sure this is true for others as well.
    For me personally, I'm not sure how or why- I continue to get hacked even on Linux and OS X. I will probably have to make a video about this to explain; otherwise I will go on forever:). This radio shit is how they have done it for sure.

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