High Grade Counterfeit Windows 7 Ultimate Funds Illegal Activities?

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It seems as if I got my hands on a “high grade counterfeit” of Windows 7 Ultimate off of eBay. As it turns out drug cartels are selling counterfeit Microsoft software. This is not my lucky day. Music courtesy of incompetech.com.


  1. Can you show the product key sticker? Of course with the ID blocked out? I just cant find ANYONE ANYWHERE who will do that with a legit version! My recent copy of Win 7 U is currently being argued with paypal,….and its like your fake box,. with the rounded corner. I swear this op sys is like GOLD now! GOOD LUCK finding it! Because you WONT! Wish id bought it from Microsoft while I still had the chance. They are missing out on a GOLD MINE here! But typical MS,. pushing their crappy in between versions ,.. such as VIsta,.. and before that Win 2000 and others,.. no matter HOW MUCH THE PUBLIC COMPLAINED that they DONT WANT IT!!!

  2. i honestly hope that the ultimate windows 7 coming from ebay is authentic,i bought it last week ,now the seller shipped it today saturday night..
    personally i enjoy windows and using it on my workatation with upgraded processors ,especially reason software ,
    my old machin vista 32 bit is running flawlessly ,and its 11 years old xps m1210 laptop .After watching this video ill make sure to see that its genuine .
    good video and info…

  3. I had a serial problem with Windows 10. When I brought a new motherboard to my system. What I didn't realise was that the new Windows 10 ties in with your hardware. So for the sake of a activation key I had to fork out $119 for a new key. Even thou I had the Free upgrade version to Windows 10 from the official site. So Microsoft screw even honest people who get their software from official sores.

  4. I got something similar running on VMware because these counterfeit OS will not run on CPU like i5, baytrail or anything based on the RISC x64 quad core architecture unless maybe an AMD black but anyways I got it on Linux in VM ware and microsocks have figured out that my windex is not the real universe but as long as I pinky swear to not be a pirate I can click on give me free shit section and get a real version of windex 10 but I decided not to do this for obvious reasons.

  5. Actually Microsoft do not place preventive measures against people selling counterfeit software on eBay, they only put a set of guidelines which eBay sellers can ignore and that's the VeRO guidelines.

    I don't know what are the VeRO guidelines about OEM Windows software listed as "New" or "Brand New" but from most eBay listings I see are that full license and upgrade versions of Windows software listed as such never follow those guidelines and I don't know why those software don't need to be sold with any PC part at all.

  6. Dont get mad at Drug Cartels… they're just doing what Microsoft's been doing:
    Selling crappy-made products, that piss people off.

    How is that any more illegal that what Microsoft does???

  7. Stupid thing is ive used windows 7 (Pirate Bay Edition :P) just for testing purposes on a vm for about a year and Ive never gotten that message well now Ive learned that a pirated copy of windows 7 works better than a counterfeit version.

  8. windows counterfeit heh!!!! For Game lovers this is total shit, i repeat computer Hackers on the web sounds reasonable as they do deal on the web. That OK Computer pop up Counterfeit, Could be your son playing on a game, computer pop up sucks, system not well performed as we all know. Counterfeit above all, not really. Games to play for Free. Why Game Pop up.

  9. thankyou for your  mind bending report on windows 7 has i want to upgrade my windows 7 to ultimate and to 64 bit,i will be very wary,  has i want genuine windows 7, thankyou very much my friend, paul

  10. Sir I would consider installing the Windows OS from the genuine copy as there could be malware embedded (bootstrapper) in the actual (fake) copyright version of the windows OS..

  11. Instead of buying winblows from anywhere, get Linux, it's free, download directly from the site, Linux 14 mate, to me is the best… Little learning curve, but you can do the same and more than on winslows from microshaft… Fuck windows any version get Linux, your problems will be over.

  12. I bought a copy of windows 7 from a swapmeet in Mexico. I downloaded it on my computer and the program never worked right.
    My computer friend who is a computer technician said that the "program" I bought it nothing more than an app that downloaded to my pc. It messed up my harddrive. I came to find out it was a fake copy of Windows 7. I was pissed. I paid 130 bucks for it at the time. Mind you, this was when windows 7 was brand new.

  13. NASA787: I'm also a victom of this same thing.I finally did some research & got this copy to where it doesn't show up as not Genuine or the annoying Activation random notice pop up.Updates run normal.I just gotta keep Win update turned off until I think an update is needed.I'm not happy with having this bootleg copy,but I'm gonna get my money's worth 1 way or another.I've seen Bootleg Copies sold at Wal Mart & other places that carry Windows 7.I think it's another way for Microsoft to get more $ out of PPL to tell U the truth.This Mexican Drug Cartel is just a made up bogus scam Microsoft came up with.I've never met a Mexican intellegent enough to distribute something like this !!!!!

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