High Memory Usage | Fix Windows 8/Windows 8.1 Memory Usage Problem (ndu.sys)

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Fix Windows 8/Windows 8.1 Memory Usage Problem, A Common Problem seen in Windows 8/Windows 8.1 the problem is caused by Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver or NDU.sys. What this does is that it leaks a lot of memory. So here is a video to resolve this problem.
If this didn’t worked for you then i recommend to read the comment below you probably might get the fix.
Note: If this method didn’t solved your problem then the memory leak is due to any network card driver or any other…


  1. Ola que tal, he visto el video y realizado los pasos, pero resulta que yo tenia configurado el num 4 por defecto, es decir no he cambiado nada, mi consulta es la siguiente: El servicio ndu. a que se dedica y si es posible desactivarlo

  2. I followed your advise, and it solved the problem.

    It also caused a problem. My PC doesn't remember WiFi passwords anymore, except for the network I had added before I disabled ndu.sys.

    It also doesn't allow me to remove remembered networks. If I remove one, it's back after the next reboot.

  3. Had a problem with the Wfpn, I tried this solution, didn't worked for me, driver for Ethernet was up to date. I had to delete the driver. No nonpagedpool anymore. yeah<3

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