Hori Xbox One Controller Horipad Review For PC Windows 8

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We’re reviewing the Horipad Xbox One Controller. For our purposes, we’re actually covering usage for PC Gaming on Windows. The Horipad works just like the Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller on PC. Just install the official drivers from Microsoft and it will work seamlessly through XInput with your PC Games just like the official Xbox controllers.

The Horipad has the same asymmetrical thumbstick layout. The…


  1. can someone help me, I was messing with the controller by holding down the assign button on the back and now a red blinking light appeared, I tried reversing it but it always blinks or just stays red

  2. i want to ask something pliz answer i want to buy an xbox and im afraid about the not syncing controllers the classic xbox controllers do you prefer this controller if the classic controller doesnt sync

  3. Now Xbox one players won't be having to use the shit Xbox one controller with the shity bumpers and triggers and don't even get me started on the horrible controller shape and size😂🔫

  4. I'm ordering one right now. My dumbass cousin decided to break my B button on my favorite controller, so this is a good replacement until I scrap up the money for a new one.

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