How 2 downgrade Minecraft Windows 10 edition 1.0 – 1.2

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YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE FULL VERSION TO DOWNGRADE. Download the specific version you want and watch the video! I will also keep the versions up to date. I dont have any versions older than 1.0. If you have 0.16.0 W10 on your PC or older DM me on twitter so I can get the file to this video. Also thanks to Dreacho because he gave me the appx’s. Also if you already have MCW10 and want to update/downgrade just unistall the current version you have and download the version you like provided…


  1. Vrysed, I need some help here, I downloaded both the certificate thing and the 1.2.9 version, I own Mc windows 10 edition, but when I try to open the file my computer says the remote procdure call failed

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