How Do I Get Windows 10 x64 PRO KEYS for UNDER $5!?

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Whenever I do builds, there is always someone who asks about how and where I get my windows 10 x64 pro keys, so I thought I would share with you how I get them… and the answer is…. ebay!

Win 10 Pro X64 Key (I use this seller all the time) **Edit** he has upped his prices lol see link below:…


  1. Buying keys for $5 you're basically throwing your money away, you can just as well install a pirated version from torrent…they are both as 'legal' (=NOT).
    In case of police/microsoft control, you're still illegal! It's just that some countries allow selling those illegal keys (which are often used or stolen!!) but others don't.

  2. I just ring microsoft give them a windows 7 or 8 key, say I upgraded to 10 when it was free but my hard drive died and I had to reinstall. They've given me a windows 10 key 3 times now. To be fair that's a legit issue because you can't reinstall 10 off your original 8 key if you wipe it without knowing the windows 10 key. But they've always seemed happy to activate it for me.

  3. Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, I bought Vista 64bit Ultimate with the upgrade coupon and got 7 as soon as it was released. I older laptop has an SSD with windows 10 home which my wife was using…she now has her own so it is just sitting for now.

  4. I'm not sure if anyone has realized this by now, but you can basically activate any windows 10 pro or home upgraded to pro if you have a old OEM system lying around with a windows 7 pro key or higher, it actually does work. I've done this like 100 times because I live near an e-waste center and I will go there and pull off all the little tabs that have the windows 7 pro license, and 90% of the time they work perfectly fine. And even if you've already installed windows 10 and you have the little water mark, it will still work, you don't have to input the product key during the installation process.

    If this comment gets more that 100 likes I will literally give away 10 of these keys for proof

  5. Did buy a Windows 10 Pro key from a CD Key website. Worked fine until I had to switch my motherboard.
    So I decided to go through my uni's "Microsoft Imagine Portal" (was called DreamSpark) and got a Windows 10 EDU Key for free.
    The EDU version is better than the Pro version as its practically the same as an Enterprise copy

  6. This is possible because is a technic that you cant upgrate windows 7 or 8.1 pro to free windows 10 pro via vmware or crap pc. Then they uninstal cd key from this pc and sale the key on ebay for limited days use or re-actication.

  7. I got a $5.99 Windows Home key on ebay after watching this video. Today I get an email from ebay saying they removed the listing. The key worked but it seems shady.

  8. Ok guys is it necessary to buy one a windows code after I download the ISO dice image file off of the Microsoft website? I seen in my system screen that it don't show the genuine windows watermark.

  9. "Maybe he is getting them at wholesale…"? LOL! Don't be ridiculous…..! These have to be smuggled Sri Lanka or Indonesia codes, etc….. Please don't pass the nonsense that they are 'legit'….

  10. I use fastcodes all the time in the UK. The keys generally come from pre-installed systems that have never been activated, such as smoke damaged/water damaged stock, sale or return systems etc etc. I've never had a problem with them.

    Some sellers also send the COA sticker which is great for builders selling used systems.

  11. I find it weird that I downloaded an ISO of Windows 8.1 Pro from a very underrated website and it came with "kms pico" loader already installed. I still have it installed on the system and it really isn't affecting anything other than keeping my 8.1 os activated.

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