How Do I Run My Windows Programs on Linux?

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A quick video discussing the most often asked question I get in feedback from viewers: “How can I get my Windows programs to run on Linux?” I have five possible answers to this question that I rank from best to worst.


  1. I just became curious about the Octopi 0.8.1 package manager GUI.

    Someday, if you are in a distro using Octopi, could you please go through it in more detail and show the version being used.

    Have you tinkered with octopi much ? Any thoughts or opinions about it ?

    It seems ideal for LXQt users of Arch-based distros. It allegedly has 21 Qt dependencies that are apparently used by other Qt components too.

  2. Hello DT ! For graphics card you can install VMWare Player and you can use as much as 2GB of video RAM without any trick !!! So some Windows games could be handled that way.
    Best regards,

  3. I use an audio measurement suite that is only available for windows. This is however quite specialist software but it works fine with Wine. But yes, if a Linux alternative exists it pays to invest some time in learning to use that alternative and dump Windows.

  4. PINTA is just as good or better than MSpaint. Plus The newest Windows 10 no longer has MSpaint, but instead some bizarre complicated paint software for 3D printing.

    I wish Linux had a better free pinball game. I guess there is one I could purchase.

    I have not tried the old MS Pinball in Wine.

  5. I was a hard core mc user since 1988. Around 2010 I discovered Linux and never looked back. In fact, I am running linux as my main OS on my 2006 24" iMac. It flies. Working with people who use Windows has never been an issue for me when it comes to compatibility issues. Nice video!

  6. At the beginning, it's 'confusing', because we do not know the equivalents(in programs), but afterwards it's the will that wins. Those who stay on linux are those who want to stay on linux, and vice versa for windows, mac, or any system.
    Personally, I am not a 'gamer', so the 'problem games', never 'asked'. For the rest, the software platform running on .nix like, has nothing to do with what is proposed by Windows/MacOs. It is far, higher, in quantity and quality. And for a reason: it's open as codes, so 'everyone' is adding his stone, because 'everyone' wants to customize his software, as he likes it, it's 'as Simple as That'.

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