How Good Is a $100 Windows 10 Gaming Tablet?

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I picked up a refurbished Linx Vision 8 Tablet that comes with an attachable Xbox controller, reminiscent of the super expensive Razer Edge device from a few years ago. With Windows 10, a quad core Cherry Trail Processor and 2 GB of Ram, is this tablet actually decent, or does it rely on gimmicks to sell?

I got this refurbished on ebay for £70 if you’re wondering, just search Linx Vision on ebay uk 🙂 Normal retail price new is £100, and it can be bought in the U.S for a similar price…


  1. I'm home playing video games, I'm on vacation. MUST FIND PORTABLE to play video games. GODDAMN SON, ENJOY YOUR LIFE. I can only game for an hour or two at the most. I'd rather live my life then be glue to a screen.

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