How I made my YouTube channel intro on Linux

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You often asked me about how I made my YouTube channel intro on Linux. This video is the answer.

To make the channel intro on Linux, I used GIMP and Kdenlive.

I also received some help from my sister, who is a professional illustrator. If you need any illustration for your channel for any other project, please get in touch with her through the Instagram

By this video, I also tried to deliver the thought that It is often not about the software but…


  1. You could just import image sequence to kdenlive (slideshow clip) instead of manually adding each image to timeline.
    Also I think it could be easier to animate in-between positions using synfig, instead of manually moving penguin in gimp and exporting each frame.

  2. Probably I was the first one who asked 'bout the making of your YT channel intro on Sudo Reboot's live stream, 30 fps great, GIMP or Inkscape are still better alternative powerful tools to Ps and Ai, thank you very much ALU for sharing this secret that helpful for all general and average users.

  3. Please, activate CC button on the player to see the subtitles, if I sound unclear sometimes.
    I apologize for too many…so… in this video. It's my fillers word. I will do my best to get rid of it in my next unscripted videos.

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