How Low Can Windows XP Go – RAM Usage Test

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  1. may i ask you ? ,, when i start my pc , my PF USAGE , 300mb why ? ,, your PF USAGE its almost 84mb ? why ? ,, how to do that ? ,, coz i want to play my audition and nbalive 08 , coz when i start playing and after 5 mins, it restart , pls help me i know its because of my PF USAGE , plshelp me

  2. I think by setting the amount of virtual memory to a fixed amount, a service controlling the amount of virtual mem needed will be stopped.. Don't know for sure but I've heard from a colleague

  3. Just to reference, Plug and Play is hardware and Universal Plug and Play is Networking (safe to disable).

    Disabling Plug and Play will probably screw up your system and yes you wont be able to use USB

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