How people react to Windows 8

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For more information visit This video was produced by Pokki ( – the free software that brings hundreds of apps and games to your desktop, and brings back the core Start Menu functionality back to Windows 8 computers. Chris Pirillo, founder of LockerGnome, hits the streets to find out how real people experience Windows 8. Watch how people react when asked to complete simple tasks on the new Windows 8 operating system.

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  1. Well you have to put two and two together. This video was made at the very start of the release of Windows 8. A lot of people were not familiar with it and therefore they did not know how to use it. Now that it's been a while and since the release of Windows 8.1 with all the sophisticated updates from the Control app making the operating system more friendly, more and more people are more familiar and comfortable with it and they can customize their Start menu in organized categories.

    My categories are default tiles, college work, personal work, enhance games, Administrative Tools, finance and Internet Exploring. I have my tiles organized within those categories so therefore everything is organized and I could find things right away.

  2. I am having a problem buying a new laptop, my old one died, and every laptop i like is running windows 8…i hate windows 8 and i'll never get a laptop with it. To get one with windows 7 i have to pay more, i don't mind, anything but this crap.

  3. Okay, Just want to make an update, its almost 2015, and if most of you guys still cant figure out windows 8 you have some brain issues… I only ever use vista, and 3days after my friend and I bought windows 8 we had it all figured out, I thought people were smart.. guess some of us are only using 5% of our brains…

  4. I personally love Windows 8. It was extremely confusing and frustrating at first, i was much like these people. But after about 2 hours of playing around with stuff i got the hang of it. Maybe i'm just a fast learner? Maybe people are too lazy? I don't know but it suits my needs and exceeds more, and i like where technology is going. Others will just have to adjust or hide in a cave because everything is going to become based on touchscreens and these processors and only go further. Windows 7 will no longer support the things you love. Sorry people, get with the program! 

  5. Windows 8 is the biggest pile of techno rubbish I have ever used.
    I wanted to scan to email, it would be easier to shovel moondust from North Korea.
    Why the hell didn't they leave it alone, it was so simple with windows XP, 7, 98,95 etc.

  6. I recently brought a Asus Windows 8 at Best Buy. The worker was able to show me how Windows 8 work and showed me a tour around the windows 8. I'm so glad he did cause It took me awhile to understand but I was able to learn fast. I don't really like Windows 8 cause to many ads pop up on the computer and sometimes the pages cuts me off, directing me to another site.

  7. My daughter just bought it. Forget it. I have W7 and when it comes time for a new computer I'll head to Apple. Frankly, this is the best marketing Apple has ever had, LOL!

  8. How to get it all for only £7? Install Ubuntu which is completely free, Once you've done that, open the software center and search for steam.. click to install that. Now buy Left 4 dead 2 which is only £7 on steam today! That's how you get it all for only £7.

  9. I like windows 8 more then 7 since its easier to multi-task, and at first you could only have 2 apps at once, but when win8.1 came out now u can multi-task 3 apps at once.

  10. Windows 8 is better then 7 by: It is faster, It looks more fun – (all you people who will take one sec to try it and then say it sucks are idiots), and Its an upgrade, move on world, people say Windows 8 will fall, well Windows hasn't fallen yet, so I dont think it will 😀

  11. It's microsoft's fault. Windows 8 is actually good. They have to educate the people about their new user interface before releasing it.(cause people are too busy that they cant even spend sometime to understand something on their own these days)
    Once you got to know it, everything will be normal. As a matter of fact it's even faster than other versions.

  12. The only good use for windows 8 is rt tablets like my ipad killer called the surface and touchscreen ultrabooks. On my big computer I will keep windows 7 and wait till a non metro aero type windows comes. Windows needs to have more choices like have aero ui version for desktops and laptops and a metro version for tablets and touchscreen laptops/ultrabooks. The aero version will have a traditional start menu to make it accessible for deskop/laptop users.

  13. Let's get it straight. Microsoft couldn't give a fuck what you want.
    This operating system is probably very popular with the NSA though.
    Much easier for them to steal all your stuff.

  14. Looking at the like bar I think either Microsoft is making hundreds of Youtube accounts to dislike these videos, or somehow a bunch of brain damaged people found out how to use the Internet.

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