How to Activate Windows Xp With No Product Key

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Its an easy guide so try it Its used most after a format !


  1. I had XP SP 2 working fine for years and then one day it tells me to activate because of "hardware change" which I did not have. So I tried to re-activate but it "could not connect with activation server" and gave me three days. I tried this method and it says already activated now, the icon is gone and it works after restarting. On every restart an activation window pops up and clicking "yes" opens another window box that says "already activated. Click OK and all is well. so it appears I will not lose my XP but I have a version that does not need to be "activated" so a re-install is not a problem. It did work for me more or less. Thanks.

  2. i did this and apperently worked. 1 month has passed since then and now i can't enter in windows. a message apears on the screen where u choose the user account saying that windows xp is not activated and if you like to activate now: no – shuts down the pc, yes- it takes you to windows activator but there it says that windows is ativated. press ok to leave. i click ok and im back at the start with the same message in where you choose the user account. im stuck, what can i do to fix this?

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