How To Add & Remove Apps Faster in Ubuntu

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Did you know that you can find & install apps without using the Ubuntu Software Center?

The is the first tip in a new series of videos showing you how to get the most out of Ubuntu’s Unity desktop.

Requires: Ubuntu 12.10 or above.

Music credit: ‘Inner Light’ by Kevin MacLeod @
Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


  1. A "buy free" button? Wtf happened to the "install" button?
    It's just one example but I'm not sure I like the philosophy of canonical, if they keep going down that Windows/Apple path, I may have to find another distro…

  2. With the rate especially Gnome team keeps "streamlining features" i.e. removing GUI options, soon you will need terminal just to change the wallpaper.

  3. In some ways i would agree, but in many i dont, you need to open a terminal,(be it terminal or guake or anything) and then type the command, password and confirm, to be honest this new method is either exactly the same speed or faster

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