How to add sata drivers to a windows xp installation disc

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magic iso:




  1. Had to watch a few times lol.. but i did it, why is it so hard to use my new PC with old software? I have licenses for everything i use and i should be able to use it.. Love the XP experience, got a blue screen again with the slipstream and switched the sata in the bios to ide even though my board does not have a ide slot.. worked finally 🙂 thanks..

  2. THANK YOU. SO MUCH. I installed Windows 10 on my Optiplex 755, and it was buggy etc.. But when i tried to install it, it did a some errors, this fixed it. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  3. Can somebody tell me where i download sata drivers for a hp nx6110? I just bought a new hard drive for it and trying to load windows vista but it does not detect my hard drive

  4. I usually do not write in You Tube, but I just had an Unusual need for a special WinXP bootable disk, And this Instructions worked awesomely flawless !! my best regards to you. !

  5. There was no f6floppy version of the driver for my laptop. What I did was I downloaded the .exe driver and extracted it with WinRAR and slipstreamed it into the XP ISO. Will it work this way? The files were the same as you had in the .zip file.

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