How To Bring The Windows 7 Start Button & Start Menu Back To Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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  1. I wonder why here, in the preview, where the much better Aero theme was used (Seriously, Microsoft, what were you thinking removing it?), the background of the Start Menu was transparent, but in the final Windows 8, even if you add transparency in the theme editor, it can't be transparent but the edges can? Is something Aero-related stopping it from working? I prefer Aero, Microsoft!

  2. @mobilephone2003 This isnt the future of Microsoft. This is the DEATH of Microsoft. ME was the first nail in the coffin, Vista was the 2nd and windows 8 will be the final. Keep in mind this isnt counting the windows 3.0 and other dud OS's they have bought out.

  3. Man your a legend, This metro crap SUCKS balls and MS have seriously lost the plot if you ask me. At least this way i MAY consider SOMEDAY upgrading to windows 8. Highly doubt it tho lol

  4. @TomsteurhToast Because that would be staying in the past and eventually creating a new XP? We're gonna have to go to it one day, it's the future of Windows. Who's crying when we have an almost replica of the Windows 7 start menu? Not crying about the button, but crying about us I see… and It's not coming back, Beta releases are almost always how the final is going to be like.

  5. @MrForcorrie Hey, look at it like this, if Microsoft continue with this strategy they will have very few sales, if they dont change, it will be forgotten, and Linux may become one of the main contenders. Games may be made for Linux, and who knows it may be better because Linux is free, and more stable.

  6. Also, if this is the future of Windows. I will be keeping windows 7 for as long as it is supported, and then I will switch to either Linux or buy a Macintosh. Shame on Windows. Continue like this and Windows wont be around for to much longer.

  7. Hello, I'm a PC Hardware and Software reviewer as well and benchmark a lot. Unfortunately my video views are very low so I'm asking you to thumb this up so everyone can see it and maybe could give me a chance too! I'm even really trying to answer almost every question I get asked. Thanks for reading this and please support me!

    – Nic

  8. i think is going to Flop.. Microsoft has a flopping patter. Win2000=Win WindowsME=Fail WindowsXP=Win WindowsVista=Fail Windows7=win Windows8=(?) Yes Fail.. Am going to do what i did when Vista was release WAIT !!!!

  9. @TomsteurhToast Microsoft has confirmed that the start button will not be making a return, and I wasn't crying in this video, and I doubt anyone else is either. We just want an OS that's suitable for the platform it runs on. Your comment of going back to 7 is invalid, this is the future of Windows according to Microsoft.

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