How To Build and Deploy an Image for Windows 10 on Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer [ICD]

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The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool streamlines the customizing and provisioning of a Windows image.
You can use Windows ICD to do the following tasks:
– View all of the configurable settings and policies for a Windows 10 image or provisioning package.
– Create Windows provisioning answer files.
– Add third-party drivers, apps, or other assets to an answer file.
– Create variants and specify the settings that apply to each variant.
– Build and flash a Windows…


  1. Thanks Bernard – great video. Find your vids so helpful as you go through stuff from an end user point of view rather than Micrsoft's overview that leaves out all the bugs and problems that you may run into.

    Not seen this ICD before. Just downloading now as currently looking at Windows 10 upgrades finally.

    From an outset looking at this video my first observations would be – Computer name (this was an issue with WDS before MDT solved it) and maybe importing applications as converting all the apps to appx sounds clunky to me?

  2. Bernardo I really like the way you have the small screen of yourself down in the lower right hand corner while you're demonstrating on your desktop in the main screen.  How do you do that?  (I guess I'm asking what software and/or video editing tools you use).  Thanks…  Joe

  3. I've see this posted by others but don't see a resolution so I'll post again with a bit more detail. Hopefully the time sine the latest one has allowed someone to find a fix. When I install and launch the ICD (v10.0.12063.0) all I have available is the provisioning package tools, not image configuration tools. Just to make sure it wasn't being caused by the OS, I installed on Server 2012r2 and 10 Enterprise by downloading the latest version. Interestingly enough the version listed in Programs and Featured for the ADK is 10.1.15063.0. Any idea why this would be happening?

  4. I just downloaded and to run this, I do not get the option for New Windows Image Customization so that I can pick a WIM. I get the option for new provision package

  5. Hello, i just got into the scene and wanted to try this but cannot, the ICD version that is out now removed the option to mess around with the iso. can you tell me what was the version you were using or if there is another program that does it

  6. how can i set computer name for laptops and desktop following computer serial number?
    if station is laptop then it should be ( LP-serialnumber), if its desktop then its should be (Desktop-serialnumber).
    how can i achieve this task? there should be variables for this to get computer name!

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