How to Burn Bootable Win XP CD / Win7 DVD (ISO) Using Nero 8 (Method works for burning Win7)

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Create an image file of WinXP CD or Win 7 DVD. Burn this image file with Nero 8. This method works the same if you want to burn Windows 7. If you already have an ISO of XP or Win7, you can skip creating the image file and go directly to the burning part. Just browse your ISO file and burn it away!

link to one of my vids (battle los angeles pc gameplay with movie cutscenes):

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  1. Was the burn incomplete before you burned it a second time? What is the reason for burning it twice? and did you burn it on a separate disk the second time (creating 2 disks) or was the same disk?

  2. We found this very helpful as we have just finished building and creating our own operating system for the public and company's to buy and use. 

    But we did not understand why we could not burn ISO to a CD we had tried so many software's once we found your video we are now been able to burn an ISO to a cd and see it for our Software where customer install our Windows 10.

    Keep it up

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