how to bypass windows 8.1 product key while installing

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How to activate windows 10 All versions

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1. Introduction

This guide is mainly obsolete. It was frequently followed due to previous mistakes Microsoft made with Windows 8.1 “Edition” installation media in the fact that Windows 8.1 “Edition” media rejected Windows 8.0 “Edition” product keys….


  1. It didn't work with the PID text file but the key worked when I typed it in so thank you very much <333,I will not watch more of your videos probably but still I subbed to your channel, thanks, you're the best

  2. OK so I followed all the steps and nothing happened. I'll note a few things I did before the installation to see whether or not they affected it in any way. I deactivated my windows 10 using cmd then ran the setup. It failed. I reactivated my windows 10 using cmd and ran the setup. It failed again. I did the setup without the crack and used my actual product key. It told me that it isn't correct. My own product key didn't work and neither did the crack. What am I supposed to do?

  3. Just to be clear, when you opened the setup, you clicked on the .iso option, correct? They show a normal option and an iso option, like 2 checkboxes. I clicked on the iso format. Will it work?

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