How to Change File Associations in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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Have you ever tried to open a file, such as a PDF document, and Windows opens a completely different program than what you would normally expect? Learn how to fix this problem in this video!


  1. Hey does anybody no why i cant open hamatchi as i recently portforwarded a minecraft server but for gmod you need hamatchi or buy so i got hamatchi but when i try to open the downloaded hamatchi it says :" Set an association in set association control panel." but the thing is set association control panel does not exist since last update in windows 7! What do i do!" Help!

  2. Please help me out i was downloading schematics for minecraft and their default format is .schematic but i accidently opened it with winrar. now everytime i tried to load a schematic in minecraft it doesn't let me please help

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