How To Change Windows 10 Desktop Icons

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If you don’t like some of the icons that Windows is using, then I have great news – you can change them!

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Simply navigate to your settings menu and click on Personalization.

Once inside, choose Themes and click on desktop icon settings.


  1. For those who are looking to change a downloaded app or another on your desktop. This is not the way you do this. What you need to do is:
    1. Download an Ico file (Icon), or if you can't, then go to a png/jpeg/etc. Converter.
    2. Go to the app on your desktop that you want to change, right mouse click, and click properties.
    3. Afterwards, click on Customize. You should see at the bottom a button that says "Change Icon…" Click on that.
    4. Select one of the windows icons or click browse on the top right.
    5. Find your icon that you want in your computer.
    6. Click apply then Okay.
    7. You're done!

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