1. I don't really care if they are spying on me.It's not like their are goona steal my passwords ect. they can just see it they aren't hackers or anything so i don't really care 😛

  2. There's a file within the Autologger folder shown at 11:11 , but it won't allow me to delete it. I then attempted to use a command prompt to delete the file, but it just said Access is denied. It's really annoying how little freedom we have over our own computer. In any event how do I delete this file?

  3. Terry , I just love your videos but until you tell us how to remove the key logger , its no WIN 10 for me. It's a huge privacy invasion. Very serious. Back to mac for me or Lenox. Win 10 is really malware in disguise. Not sure you can stop them spying unless you make some complicated changes to OS

  4. I dont really understand why you would want to turn off the language list one, which lets websites know what language you prefer, so they can show you your preffered language. This is default across most browsers. (I'm assuming this setting only affects MS Edge).

  5. Are these settings global across all accounts on a computer, or do you need to go into each account and make these changes? That could be a real game changer if it isn't global.

  6. Britech Please Help Me Or Respond If You Can Please Im Begging You, I Have A HP Envy 360 And I factory reseted it and everything, nothing is working, It Keeps Giving Me Blue Screens Such As "Page In Nonpaged area" All Different Blue Screens Please Help Me!!!

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