How To Change Windows 8 User Name – Ask a Tech #2

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 user names can be changed easily using the technique shown in this video.


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  1. It didn't work on mine! On Boxing Day my step dad made me an account and he accidentally typed to fast and put Molly Tood instead of Molly Todd😑 Iv only just realised that now…so where trying to change it but it's not working!!😑😫😭

  2. I have done this however, if you go to, pc then users, the user folder is still the old name. In my case the old owners name since I bought this computer from someone else. How do I change the user folder to match the new account name? I've had this computer for some time now so there is a lot in his user folder.

  3. For some strange reason when I went to go change it, it didn't have the option to do so. I have my Microsoft account connected so is that the reason why I can't change it? Or is it another reason?

  4. Two questions actually:
    My friend has a Windows 8 (not 8.1) laptop by Samsung that's a little over a year old. On her Start Screen there is a Weather App Tile that shows the current weather for New York. She doesn't live in New York. When you click on the app to run the app and change the settings, it errors and won't run.You're left with (if I remember correctly) the choices WAIT or QUIT. I tried WAIT a few times which gets you nowhere. So then all you can do is QUIT.

    I made sure ALL Windows update current, except updating to Windows 8.1. To do that, it asks for the "Product Key:" which she can't seem to locate (there isn't a sticker on the laptop and she can't find the box the computer came in).

    I know there are programs out there that will tell you your Product Key, But I don't trust them. I think it's stored in the System Registry, but I'd need to know exactly where to look. Can you recommend a trusted program for this, or tell me where to look in the registry?Β 

    It sure would be nice to upgrade this laptop to 8.1, and it would be great if we could get the local weather on the Start Screen Weather Tile.

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