How to change your password in Windows 7

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1) Left-click once on the “Start” button
2) Type the word “password”
3) Left-click once on “Change your Windows password”
4) Left-click once on “Change your password”
5) Type your current password
6) Type your new password
7) Re-type your new password
8) Left-click once on “Change password”

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  1. I had set my girlfriend's name as a password. Now I'm getting married with another girl. So I wanted to change my password. So My wife can't see my old password. So It is very useful video for me. Thank you so much Sir. I'm really grateful to you

  2. You save my life ! My cousin want to check my laptop and want to uninstall all my game on my windows like fifa17 …she know my old password and now she dont know my new password hell yeah !!

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