How to Choose the Best Linux Laptop

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If you’re thinking of making the switch, make sure your hardware is compatible! If you have the money some good pre-installed options would be Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition or a System 76 machine. You can always check the Ubuntu Certified Hardware list to see if your old laptop works with Linux.

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  1. Tuxedo-laptops from Germany. Assembled especially for Linux operation systems: Ubuntu, Linux Mint and SUSE. Besides they lots of laptops with 17+" screen while many big vendors are selling their machines mostly with 13-15".

  2. I'd love to buy a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition… the problem is, Dell won't sell them in Oz… and they don't provide any support / warranty even if you get it shipped (which they are not offering)!

  3. This is a very good video and has a lot of good tips. The certified hardware database is almost always overlooked in this so that is very nice to see mentioned. You also mentioned System76, they are rather pricey but they are an awesome solution for "Built for Linux". All around, great video.

  4. If your machine runs XP, it's probably pretty old. If that's the case, why not wipe XP and put a distro on it, breath some life into that dated hardware with a lightweight OS? Going out and buying a new computer with the sole purpose of using as a linux machine seems strange to me. I've never had problems with any laptops not being compatable with OSs like Ubuntu. Guess I've just been lucky?

  5. Best thing to do, go to zareason, system76, emperorlinux, possibly another Linux OEM I'm not aware of, and you're set. I'd personally use a zareason laptop to support the little guy. Besides, they ship them with the hardware to open the box for a reason.

  6. A nice thing about Linux is there are so many distributions and if your hardware is supported by one os it can usually run another as long as no performance issues apply. my favorite distro… Linux mint with cinnamon desktop environment 

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