How to Clean a Windows 8 Computer

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In this video I show you how to clean and speed up a Windows 8 computer using a couple easy tools. Step-by-step instructions are below along with a download list for the programs used. Note: for Malwarebytes, select the free version.


Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Disk Cleanup 0:15
-Click on start icon (bottom left)
-Choose “Computer”
-Right-Click on Windows 8 Drive (C:)


  1. Hey man, thank you a lot. This video is really usefull.
    I have one problem with my windows 8, and it is really annoying. I get an error message: "PC settings won't open because file explorer is running with administrative privileges". I tried a lot of things, clean ups but it just won't go away. What can i do man?

  2. Thanks I downloaded malwarebytes.. Its detected 79 so far.. its still scanning… But im sooo glad my friend recommended tgis video.. Thank you soo much.. Ur a gem.
    Seriously a life saver…
    Stay blessed

  3. I think ccleaner is bad like all the other ads that say "download this for your computer to go fast!" I think it gives your computer viruses like my other computer so I don't recommend download those ads or just by searching them find the videos where you don't have to download stuff.

  4. Hey guys! Here's a video tutorial showing you how to speed up and clean up your Windows 8 computer! I put time stamps, step-by-step instructions, and download links in the description. Enjoy! ^_^

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