How to clear standby RAM on windows 10 NEW

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Tools you will need
Make sure you have resource monitor open if not I will show how in video

Have fun I got really bored so I tried my hardest to find this out myself
FYI RAMmap is not my creation



  1. 1. So many unnecessary movements … This window moves here, this shortcut moves here, that window resizes there and then back. And so many, many times again… Your computer is weak, it's understandable. But you obviously don`t have everything normal with your nerves. It`s fact.

    2. This is absolutely useful action. Because the system will fill the Standby List again. And that is normal, because it`s only for increasing performance of your system.

  2. LinuxMint+PlayOnLinux=profit.
    Linux only has io (disk) cache, which is dropped if ram's lacking and swap file to which it only writes when on 95% full ram (which use is tunable). The heaviest desktop – Gnome, weights total with Linux 1gb. Kde5 weights – 0,7gb with system total.

  3. Why would you do this? You really have no clue about how Windows manages it's memory. Clearing the standby RAM will make your computer slower because Windows will need to reload the files from your disk instead of directly using the cached ones in the standby memory. Never noticed how faster it is to open Word or any other software for the second time in a row? If you clear the standby RAM, you just killed that. If a software requires more RAM than the free part, Windows will free up standby space following a priority rule to clear the least important standby space.

  4. I don't understand the point of this. The cache is meant to speed up the computer by using unused ram to load programs you've run in the past to make them execute faster the next time you need them.

  5. This is useful if you create your own programs and Garbage collection does not flush memory, or you forgot something in your code that leaves a semaphore or file open after file writes etc.. I noticed machine  Interface slows downs .. with this program it flushed it, so it does work in my opinion.. Not 100% sure on the Kernel cache and why it does what it does in windows.. but that's another research or get a nice book on that one day.. as a programmer this fixed my issue and makes me wanna write better code

  6. Thanks man that helped me a lot. my standby ram was at 10g after coming from sleep mode. that really slows down your pc because it only left me with < 200 mb of free ram. now I am back to >10 gb of free ram

  7. i just ry this with ssd so what this app doing is reducing stand by mode and after any command on your PC he is creating again same space. doesn't do anything as I can see. I believe that Adam Trudeau explain well.

  8. Just so people know, unless your having big problems, I wouldn't bother with this.
    The Standby Ram greatly speeds up your computer by reducing the amount of reads from slower devices such as you hard drive.
    The more RAM you have the more Standby RAM Windows will create.
    Also if you do become short on RAM, windows will automatically make room by clearing the standby RAM for you. Only when your "In Use" RAM is close to full and Windows starts using a hard drive as overflow, your computers performance will drop to completely unreasonable speeds.
    For power concerned users, your RAM uses far less power than an HDD. You could switch to SSD to save battery life on a laptop but the RAM is still faster.
    Whether RAM is empty or full it uses the same amount of power. In sleep mode, the RAM is still active.

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