How to clone HDD to M.2 SSD make boot drive without reinstalling Windows 10 Acer Aspire E15 575 33BM

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How to clone HDD to M.2 SSD and make it boot drive without reinstalling Windows 10 Acer Aspire E15 575 33BM.

Install Easeus TODO Backup Free trial to your HDD
Make sure SSD is initialized after installation
Step 1: Defrag HDD
Step 2: Slim HDD down to fit Data onto SSD
Step 3: Clone Drive to SSD
Step 4: Enable F12 function in Bios
Step 5: Hit F12 on Reboot Enable Crucial SSD drive as first bootable drive

You can also Push F2 and Change boot order and make the SSD the first (Boot)…


  1. Was this completely free to do? I know you said you were using the trial but I'm not sure if you had to pay for anything after you backed up your 1 TB drive. Thanks for the video!

  2. Thanks for this. Was really helpful and I upgraded a basic laptop for my mom.

    The only thing I would note is to ensure your ssd was formatted the same as the original Toshiba and note what kind of boot table the original drove had. The original was a gbt and I had formatted the ssd as a normal mbr and had to reformat to a gpt before I could clone it over.

  3. HI. I was hoping you could help me. I followed the instructions all the way thru the point of changing the boot order. However, when I do F12 to check, I can't see my SSD. It's in the boot menu under F2 in the correct order. Can you tell me how to fix this? Or what I missed please?

  4. Hello, I have the Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM, and have upgraded to 8GB ram, as you showed in another video. I have now ordered and received the Crucial 275GB M.2 SSD Drive for the open slot. If I use the EaseUS program to clone the hard drive, will the software initialize the new SSD drive for me, or do I have to do that first, on my own. By pressing F2 during start up, i can see that the new SSD drive is recognized, but in Disk Management it is shown as not initialized. I read that some cloning programs initialize the new drive as part of the cloning process. Do you know if EaseUS does? If I have to initialize first, do you have a video showing how to do that? Thank you for your great videos.

  5. Thanks for the vid. Just did to my new Acer & worked great with faster start up. Question, does the system know to automatically save future files & programs to the Acer HD or will it use up the SSD?

  6. got another project for you haha, can you make a video show us how to make our old HDD drive into a primary storage drive? like when i installing new app or games it go straight to my SSD, but i dont it to go there i want it in the old 1TB HDD, i can do it manually everytime, but i dont want it do it all the time.

  7. Thank you so much for this great walkthrough! I'm thinking of doing this exact thing on my laptop, just unsure about performance. Looking over the specs for the SSD I see that the hardware connectivity is listed as SATA as opposed to PCIE. Does this make a difference in day to day performance of the computer? I am hoping this upgrade will still result in faster loading/booting times for me, but I don't quite understand all the ins and outs of it. My current understanding is that with the SATA connection, we're not getting the full benefit of the M.2 technology.

  8. Thank you for your video and great explanation. I have a question. In Bios, I changed the boot order under the “BOOT” (move the Crucial drive above by clicking F6), but when I rebooted and went to the order of the boot by clicking F12, the first order was still my HDD not SSD, so I had to click F12 every time and choose the SSD in order to boot with my new SSD drive. What should I do to fix the boot order for booting with SSD always automatically? Should I format the old HDD then will it boot with the SSD? I didn’t format my HDD yet. Please answer my question.

  9. EXCELLENT VIDEO! I've used the trial version of the EaseUS on my desktop and it is a VERY good program. I've not done it on a laptop with an SSD drive, but the screen displays were similar in the process. Many thanks for showing us all you've done.

  10. I purchased half the items you have listed based on the comments I found from Amazon reviews. Glad I found your channel with the video guides on how to setup these parts together, thanks. So with the addition of more ram, will the increase in applications slow down the individual performance of each application?

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