How to Close an App on Windows 8 (& RT)

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  1. Thanks! I had been using Alt-F4 which works on a non-touchscreen Windows 8 Laptop but wouldn't work on the Surface RT. Is there a way to close with the keyboard on Windows Surface RT?

  2. Sorry AndroidGuy but what you are demonstrating is another way to minimize a running app.  Need Proof?  After performing this video’s steps go to the Desktop and hold your finger on the taskbar.  When the box appears remove finger and select Task Manager in the menu. In Task Manager you will see the apps running and the memory they are hogging up.

  3. That doesn't actually work.  If you don't believe it, start the task manager and look.  You can start Task Manager with Ctrl+Alt+Delete on a real keyboard, or go to the Desktop and hold your finger on the Taskbar until the menu appears where you can start it.

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