How to COMPILE LibreELEC using UBUNTU and GITHUB to build a Kodi Operating System

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Today’s video is a quick ‘companion’ tutorial to Scott’s epic How to compile LibreELEC for Amlogic devices tutorial, specifically for the Amlogic S805 MXQ box. This tutorial uses KSZAQ’s Amlogic source code to compile and also slightly modify to build LibreELEC for S805 devices.

You can check the link out for the full written guide to compiling LibreELEC below.

Learn how to use Linux to set up your computer for compiling, pulling source code from GitHub, downloading packages and compiling…


  1. thanks for the video just what i was looking for.

    how ever i have one question, i have a s905x box and was wondering what the commands would be to complie for that.

    for s 805 it is this

    would it be this for the s905x

    or the sysrem be something else, i have googled most of the day and not found any info on the type of mobo it uses.

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