How to Configure and Secure All Versions of Ubuntu 16.04

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In this video, I am going to show you what applications to install and how to configure your OS and secure it for every days use, including your web browser.

The software Used:
Peer Guardian

Browser Extensions:
No Script Lite
HTTPS Everywhere
Ab Block Plus
Ublock Origin

This video is intended for informational and demonstration purposes. All of this software is free under the OPEN Source GNU license. We are in no way shape or form associated with Ubuntu, nor any…


  1. Nice video but, why did you say is not good to use admin account?
    and , with firewall can i hide my acttiviy on internet? (like hide th ip?)i really know to do this, internet is not really safe…

  2. You can't be serious when you're using uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus at the same time. You're clueless how those work.

    You're not supposed to reboot the computer to update PeerGuardian or its list, you have to fix that §su§ complaint.

    No use running ClamAV on schedule, it can be run on realtime on-access.

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