How to configure NFS Server & Client in Linux?

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Here i explained about
1.What is NFS ?
2.How to setup NFS Server ? How to create NFS Shares ?
3.How to mount /access NFS Shares from NFS Client side?


  1. The prompt shows root@mylinux1. Does anyone know if he runs all the commands as root?? Also he is root rather than a 'normal user' when he shows it working. Are there going to be problems with ownership and permissions if you are a 'normal user'??

  2. Thanks loads, all works well in setting up server until I try and install the nfs part. I'm running mint 17.3 and so use "apt-get install nfs*" but that says that I have held broken packages, that I seem unable to resolve with the Synaptic package manager. Can you offer any help please??
    Thanks loads

  3. I think the step where you copy the packages in "/dev/hdc" to "/media" is unnecessary as the "nfs-utils"
    package is already installed (or) am I missing something? Anyways, great explanation. Thanks Venkat.

  4. this video is very clear and awesome.nicely explained sir…this video has given me 100% knowledge about nfs server….please upload all the server and hard disk management….

  5. Hi ! The tutorial is very awesome. However, the sound is quite hard to hear cuz i'm not an indigenous person. So, could you make a sub (CC) for this and for another. Thank you !

  6. Nicely explained. But there are lot more to be covered in this topic. They way you explained, mount point will not reflect after the machine reboot. Do you have any video talking about NFS with kerberos?

  7. its too nice… i got it very nicely.. i have a doubt.. 
    we are configuring /etc/exports with specific ip..
    in this case, if we give showmount on the client server will we get output, if yes what will be the output,

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