How to configure/program a gaming mouse in Linux/Ubuntu (the easy way)

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OK. So really you don’t need to watch this video, just know this: Most decent gaming mice save the configuration in the mouse itself; that means once the mouse is configured it will work in any OS like Linux. This means you just need to boot up a Windows machine, install the driver software, configure your mouse, then you are good to go. Super simple. I wish I had known this before.

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  1. Make absolutely sure to not allow any Internet connections or not absolutely necessary hardware access, before ever booting up viruses like Windows.
    You do not want your privacy leaked all over the Internet.

  2. That is fascinating! Have you found any way to determine if a mouse stores its settings internally vs. relying entirely on the driver? I'm looking for a mouse for Linux which lets me change the scroll wheel speed.

  3. Great video. — This is awesome, because I hate the newer Logitech productivity mice, especially the scroll wheels. But this is awesome, turning gaming mice to the task. Thanks.

    But do you ever wonder why a company as big as like Logitech wouldn't bother to write Linux drivers? Like how hard would it be for them? They could probably hire like one Chinese guy to do it. Just use the same Gui interface as their bundled software, but rewrite a few routines in the code. But they don't. They're apparently not interested in that market share. Just doesn't appear on their charts in the boardroom meetings.

    And now it's becoming an exercise to buy a laptop that will even let you LOAD Linux.

    Can you say in "Combination in Restraint of Trade?" — Definition: "An illegal compact between two or more persons to unjustly restrict competition and monopolize commerce in goods or services by controlling their production, distribution, and price or through other unlawful means."

    Microsoft and Intel and the whole of Silicon Valley don't ever want Linux to fully succeed. They don't want it to die. They need it for their servers, they need the innovation it brings forth. But they want it to be as complicated as possible for the home user to even begin to consider switching. They want to keep it a viable "community," absolutely, that takes up inordinate amounts of people's time as a hobby. The never-ending quest to bring free software to the people. They want to the keep the Linux community busy, busy, busy meeting and arguing and coding away, without even getting paid for it, so they don't have time or resources to bring court cases or political pressure to bear against these companies.

  4. What mouse are you using?
    Can you program one key to act like a control key? Control key down when mouse button is pressed and control key up when mouse key is released.

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