How to Configure Your Microphone in Windows XP

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This video is designed to show you how to configure your microphone in Windows XP so that you can use it for applications like PowerPoint and Skype.


  1. Can you help me please me and my friend talked on skype like month ago and now when we tried to talk again he can't hear me and i only hear some strange beep sound in my headphones when i turn on microphone please help I'm on xp

  2. If your Advanced Options button is grayed out, do a google search for, "windows xp advanced options grayed out" (you do not need the quotes) and your answer should be in one of the top five results.  Also, make sure that you do have administrative rights on your computer.

  3. I feel really stupid now, since ive been going through countless videos and websites trying to get my mic to work, when i realized i had muted it, as mine has a 1-0 switch. Tip, if you have a button on your headphone that's for its mic, or any other type of mic, try the switch. Handy video tho, helped me boost the mic to be a bit better.

  4. Hello….
    You are very good and my laptop is working fine again.
    I have tested many things and nothing work.
    Even skype and other video related, only cause me additional problems.
    Thank you life saver,

  5. I can't get to the advanced controls because it is grayed out and won't let me select the check box because i don't know how to get it to let me open the advanced controls.Can you please help me get the option to not be gray so i can check the box and proceed with your other instructions after the advanced controls. Thank you.

  6. No, Its not an USB Mic And Default device is Realtek HD Audio input, If something i can send u the noise thingy if u have skype… oh and in skype i cant record yes but When someone is talking like the other guy who am i chatting with … Hes voice is recording but not my.. Mine still is this zzzzzzzzz

  7. Is the "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" complete silence or does it sound like white noise or static. Depending on the program you are using to record and the microphone, you want to check and see what the default device is and make sure that it is the microphone that you want to use. Also, is it a USB microphone?

  8. Its ok, i found that i have Headset and mic ports on the front side of the computer too, and they work fine. Looks like the ports on the back just don't work, now im fine. Thank you for the support though!

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