[How To] Connect PS3 Controller To PC On Windows 10 (SCP DS3 Method)

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Today’s tutorial shows you how to get the PS3 controller recognized in Windows 10 as an xbox 360 controller so you can play all the latest games. You can do this through USB or through bluetooth. I got it working in less than 2 minutes, so you should too!

Troubleshooting tips:

1) If for some reason drivers are not being installed, look into disabling driver signature enforcement. Link here:
2) For some gamers, it helps to restart the PC after…


  1. The Ps3 controller is there in the Game controller settings until I run ScpDriver as Admin. The Ps3 controller somehow gets removed from the the game controller settings. The Summary also pops out these 3…Bus Driver, DS3 USB, Driver Bluetooth Driver. This is frustrating.

  2. Few Pointers:
    1. Use all 3 .exe files in windows 7 compatiblity mode. you will find this setting in properties of the respective icons.
    2. give full access to pathways of all 3 files by going to security tab in properties.
    3. Re- check if your OS is 64 bit. if not then copy files in program files(x86) folder instead.
    4. give permission to files by unblocking in the general tab in properties of all 3 files.
    5.I am not able to connect my laptop BT to my controller. However, when I installed using a dongle, it worked like a charm.
    6. Uninstall and again install as a final resort(This is where it worked out for me).
    Remember to plug in your controller and dongle while installing. Also note these are couple of suggestions based on my personal experience, any step mentioned above may be irrelevant also.

  3. I've noticed that my older controller (ending in CH2C2) will work flawlessly in bluetooth but not wired and my newer controllers (any one I buy now CECHZC2U) will not work bluetooth but will work wired. Anyone have any insight into this and is there a fix/patch?

  4. hey… i have 2 game pad…and i want to connect the 2 ….o that i can play with my brother…can i connect 200 game pad …with scp…like player 1 and player 2??????

  5. Good day, Sir what Bluetooth dongle would you recommend that works best for this? my existing dongle works but sometimes when I'm playing NBA 2K there is a 1 or 2 second delay and sometimes I have to tap a button multiple times before it works. So I'm just wondering if there is a dongle that works best for this application. Thanks.

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