How to Connect PS3 Controller to Windows 10 or 8.1 PC – 2015 No Motionjoy

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It might also work for the following: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
Windows XP and Windows Vista might be possible as well.



  1. I found after testing this myself is that if this dosen't work first time round then uninstall the drivers via the scp server thing shown in the video then re install that is what worked for me

  2. And ofc how is done, its works!!
    only problem i have is, idk how to use the Bluetooth function + i've to uninstall the drivers from the SCP software thing and reinstall the drivers for the usb-Bluetooth-stick,
    result: Working well! – just tested in a game 😉
    btw video lenght only 50% needed, the other 50% useles for me xddd – LIKE DROPPED + Video saved

  3. Too bad for you, I just had to install it once and it worked flawlessly for months. It's probably your controller, I was playing with an old PS3 controller and it was constantly disconnecting and causing my comp to crash. I bought a brand new Daulshock 3 months ago and it hasn't given me a single problem since.

  4. won't install scpdriver.exe – run as admin but then nothing happens…

    I got this working on my computer before I had to reinstall system from scratch

  5. make sure to use winrar and extract directly into the scp folder. you only have to run it once. unistall ps3 driver then replace ps3 controller while installing the scp driver worked great for me. thx

  6. worked on the first try. i just installed the scpDriver. seemed to work proberly without installing thoes 3 ekstra times…
    is there anyway to make it work wirelessly? i mean i did this to go to the bed while playing on the tv with my girlfriend but the usb cable just isint long enough to reach the bedroom from the livingroom xD you got a tutorial on hand? 🙂

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