How To Copy/Transfer/Pictures/Files From Windows 7 PC to USB Flash Drive

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How to copy, transfer, save, backup or cut and paste your pictures, photos or images and files to a Win7 PC to a USB Flash Drive. How to check your folder properties so you know what the correct size USB flash drive is to buy. How to safely eject or unmount your USB flash drive before removing or pulling it from your computers USB port. Great video for beginners. Step by Step.
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  1. I've just watched your video – Brilliant! I've learnt a lot from it thank you. I do have a query if you could help please? Yesterday I copied all my photo folders on to a very large memory stick (I do have rather a lot of photos nearly 10,000! It took me ages, as I was doing it I was checking the contents of the stick and they had all copied over fine. Unfortunately today when I check the memory stick, some of the folders are now showing empty! I've tried to fathom out why, using the various methods of copying over, as shown on your video. As far as I am aware when I copied them over yesterday I used exactly the same technic on all of them! I would add that the memory stick is showing 107GB of free space – so plenty of room still. Please could you offer any advice as this is driving me insane😡

  2. hi jamie ,
    thanks for your time making nice and useful video to show some people who got trouble with usb flash drive ,
    actually i am using windows 7 and bought 2T usb flash drive to get back up my computer from different places 3 times
    but during back up some error comes up which not able to save it .also i refreshed the usb but not able to finish the process.
    the usb show the file but inside the file is nothing
    is there any solution for this issue?
    thank you

  3. I really am thankful to you for taking your time to show this. I don't understand these folks complaining. Let them take their PC to someone who does this for a living. They will get their wallet emptied. So thank you again. I never used a flash drive. I had no trouble understanding you at all .Thanks again.

  4. Hey Jamie, Im sorry man it wasnt me my nephew got into my device, I found it informative you actually went in through all details, once again Im sorry but I thank you very much. PEACE bro, O by the way I just transfered videos from my pc to a 16 GB usb sandisk but they were short vids 2 minutes tops but the space arrow says its full whats going on the guy at Wal Mart said I could fit 5 movies???

  5. Hi Jamie, I am struggling with emailing SEVERAL attachments to ONE email, such as to MYSELF and at the SAME time to a friend, from PICASA. I figured out how to email INDIVIDUAL photos from PICASA, as attachments, to a GMAIL email address, and to an AOL email address, both at the same time. But I can not email MULTIPLE photos, as attachments, to either 1 email address, or preferably to 2 email addresses. I would like to be able to email the MULTIPLE attachments to an AOL email address, and at the SAME TIME – to a GMAIL email address. I am really a rookie, and I hope you have patience to explain it to me. Could you e kind enough to reply to my email address: I have a desktop computer, with Windows 7. Thanks a lot, Yaffa

  6. Got me interested learning more about computer,with your manner of instruction. Very patient and concise. No shortcuts, easily absorbed. I will be a good STUDENT to your instructions. Thanks to you.

  7. jamie, I wached video to trans. info to flash dr. ; informative. I have a dell latitude d620 with windows XP, am replacing hard drive and RAM sticks with larger ones and then wdo I load win. 7 first and then drivers or vice versa?

  8. Question, on my USB flash drive when i clicked on it all the pictures would show.
    Now when i click on the USB Flash drive, i just see the photo name and have to click on each photo name to see the pic.
    How do i get it where all the pics just show when i click on the USB Flash drive?

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