1. Hi Miguel, many thanks for your super clear instructions. I worked all the way through and ended with the message which says password completed successfully in the cmd window but I still can't log on with the new password. Also I can't now seem to go back through the process to double check all stages of your instructions because when I restart, it goes to password opening screen without any 'windows opening' page. Therefore I cannot shut down abruptly at the right moment. Just to confirm that it is Windows 7 I am trying to get back into. There is a remote possibility that in putting in the new password I used an old one for the desktop ..but it is so long since I tried to get into it, I'm not sure. I guess if by coincidence I did use an old password that could be the reason. But then I imagine that is not the reason because the system wouldn't recognise it as a new password if it the same as an old one. thanks for you help! Adrian

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