How to Create a Bootable USB for Windows 8 Installation

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Most notebooks and Net books don’t have CD/DVD drive to make them more and more compact. So to install windows 8 we need to use a USB.


  1. Hey man so I did all the steps the only thing I guess I'm missing the the file that was on the desktop where did that file come from or how do I get that. My current system has Windows 8 but I pull my Windows version so when I install the new hard drive I can use the use to load my current Windows version. Please help

  2. Hello, Miguel!
    I have been trying for days to get help about windows turning clear, (transparent, or invisible) when you move them around the desktop, or drag them around, and you can only see the frame border of that window, but not its contents while its being move? I came across to your astute & informative tutorial, and noticed that when you dragged the CMD it also became clear.

    This is happening in Windows 8.1, if you know how to restore display on windows being move around in the desktop. I implore you to enlighten me, with a tutorial on that. Again – bring back visible contents of windows being move around in desktop mode in Windows 8.1————- I would really appreciate your help

  3. How i can install windows 8 if i had extracted files from iso file. I had tried the steps mentioned in video on pendrive but after i restart laptop it shows "Remove disk or other media press any key to restart"…..plzz suggest me what to do?

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