How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

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How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive

With the new release of Windows 10, its a good idea to create a bootable windows media CD or USB flash drive. Its very important to do this in case you need to wipe / format you windows operating system and do a fresh install of windows at a later date, maybe your windows 10 got corrupted or you was infected with nasty malware and you want to reinstall windows.

Follow my guide on accomplishing this task in simple step by step guide, whether you…


  1. my pc is new with msi b230 mortar and 120 seaagate ssd.. when installing win10 and selected partition 120ssd it say cant install on this mbr partition and windows can only install gpt etc what seams tobe the problem?

  2. Hi Brian, i have made a flash drive as above, can you actually boot from it, when i try it asking me to reinstall windows and make changes to computer etc, but i just want to boot the computer up from it….from Fred in Essex.

  3. windows 10 did an automatic download last week- now when I start up it keeps telling me "Updating please dont turn your PC off"- this went on for hours- now I cant repair or start in safe mode.

  4. well my laptop got ruined, as i was updating it restarted and then now its stuck on the dell logo. its been like this for 3 hours i really dont know what to do, someone help me please.

  5. Looks like the windows media creation tool is simpler than the "RUFUS" tool. However, windows media doesn't give you the option to create a GPT disk. Is there a way to create a GPT disk USB drive with windows media tool? Thanks for your response.

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