How to Create bootable USB and install windows 7 pro (tutorial)

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  1. Windows Installation Guide
    -No Cd room No CD installer follow this step
    1. You Need atleast 4gb USB Flash Drive to Create bootable USB
    2. Download Wintoflash. Install in your computer
    3. Reminder wintoflash is not recommended in other motherboard -if not run it try any software that can create bootable usb
    4. Download Windows ISO .Win7,8 or 10 -32 bit or 64 bit
    5. After you create bootable usb – insert USB in computer that you can use to install windows
    6. Turn on Computer Press Del or F2 to enter setup – find Boot
    7. You need to First boot USB and second boot Hardrive SATA
    8. Press F10 To save and Exit .restarting Computer
    9. Windows Loading…
    10.Next & Click install
    11.Click the Drive Option (Advanced) choose DELETE or FORMAT
    12.Select Hardrive and Format or delete all partition
    13.Create New Partition .System need atleast 20GB TO 40GB or highest -Ex:20gb is= 20000MB> 40gb is= 40000mb
    14. Everything should be primary .The Other Partition Primary is For your application program or games
    15. Select The Partition you want to install OS & Click Next to Process
    16.Wait installing to end! base on your computer performance"
    17.after that. Your computer is restarting after 10second..
    18.Remove USB flash drive faster
    19.After restart its continue to windows installation process wait and be patience!
    20.restarting again! after this The installion windows is complete need is to enter PC name escape the Product Key remove the check.-Check the date and time use the reccomended setting
    22.Install Google if you have it for faster searching
    23.Open control panel turn off windows update and windows Firewall Windows Loader install this in your PC to activate Windows
    24.Restart your Computer!after that install imporatant driver software in your system- Net.Framework 4.5.etc VC Runtime! Java! DirectX For gaming And Office word Anti Virus
    25.Search online how to improve my PC For Better Performance.

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