How to create Bootable USB for Ubuntu 14.04 (UEFI and Legacy Compatible)

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Sample video showing how to create UEFI and Legacy compatible bootable installation media for Ubuntu 14.04

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  1. How do you install full ubuntu on a removable flash drive itself? I mean, use that flash drive as its harddrive. I had installed ubuntu on a flash drive using an older (Legacy) laptop but it wont let me boot on my newer (UEFI) laptop. I tried to install it using the newer laptop too, but it failed. Hope you can help.

    I'm a noob.

  2. Hi, thx this worked on my laptop.
    Just have a question. Do you know how to factory repair a corrupted hard drive and make it windows 8 compatible using the ubuntu?

  3. Every time i install ubuntu, my bios reset after restart and dont let me boot back into ubuntu.  I have no idea what to do.  If you do, anyway we could skype to work this out?  I am in a bind, i need my computer working soon.

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