How to Create Windows 10 WinPE Boot Disk

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How to Create Windows 10 WinPE Boot Disk

A lot of you wanted to know how to make your own WinPE disc for Windows 10, so I made a video to show you how easy it is to create your own bootable Windows 10 PE disk. These are great for computer techs or I.T. Administrators.

You will need to download Windows ADK and run Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment

1. copype amd64 C:WinPEx64

2. MakeWinPEMedia /ISO C:WinPEx64 C:WinPEx64WinPE10.iso

3. Create Windows 10 PE USB or ISO or CD



  1. To all those asking for GUI – winPE is meant for system administrators and geeks who want to install, update or repair windows on several computers. It is not a lightweight OS like puppylinux etc. Btw there is a /ufd option which gets the winPE directly to USB and making it bootable, avoiding all the hassles of doing it manually

  2. Hello Sir! Can you help me to create Win10pe with NVDA Screen Reader. It is good for blind people. I need it for my students. I want to add NVDA on it, but I don`t know how to add it on win10pe. Can you help me? Thank

  3. Get tutorial on creating the bootable USB for Windows 10. Worked the first time. Just one question and requirements. How can I boot off the USB and have the windows 10 system tools on a windows like display rather then booting to a DOS prompt at C:windowssystem32? Maybe make a good video on how to do that. Thanks for your time and effort.

  4. so step 1 is installing something we don't have or even know where to get ? and how do you personalize it ?
    also burn PE to CD/DVD ? that won't work, it needs to be able to write files.
    All in all not a very good or useful video

  5. I just tried it and burnt the ISO to USB with rufus. And I booted it and it lands on a command prompt and that's it. No windows explorer even. Also it'd be good if you showed booting it so one can see what it looks like booted.

  6. You have really nice tools but… I think some of us won't understand since english is not our first language and you speak too much about things not related to the main process… That might be the difference between those who have thousands of views and you. I really want you to improve this because I think your tools are just better than anyone else I found here…

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