How to Customize Windows 7 with RT7 Lite!

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This is MMFQ DEATH here today to show you how to customize and rebuild your own Windows 7! If you Guys enjoy the video please leave a like to show me! For more Tutorials and System Tweaks, check out My Channel! I do take suggestions, you can comment, PM me, or Email me at the Email at the bottom of the Description.

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  1. I have included the drivers on an ISO image that I have as indicated on this video, I copied them from same model computer running win 10, I want to downgrade to win 7 but, as soon as it finishes installing win 7, I'm left with a bunch of exclamation marks on devices. What am I doing wrong???

  2. If you were to slipstream something like CCleaner ( which is a must have program) it would install with all of those bloat ware boxes pre-checked. There are many other examples to be wary off. Much of the reason for using this program is to make a generic windows with all of the updates slipstreamed into an installer.

  3. Is it possible to network boot  RT7 Lite iso using serva? I have a custom RT7 Lite iso which I tried installing using PXE and serva network boot… the windows 7 boots up perfectly, however the additional software does not start their installation… can you please help me out?

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