How To Customize Windows 8.1 Theme | Full Customization | 2015

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Learn How To Customize Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 Theme / Icons For FREE | Full Customization | 2015


Part I : How to install a professional theme on your windows :
Go to and download the tools after that go ahead and install Uxstyle then go back to the website and find the ideal theme for your windows and download it and extract it and copy what’s inside the themes folder and paste it in local disk (c)…


  1. Hey can you plz tell me the video editor you used in this video,
    Im a beginner in Youtube channels and i have no idea to use which editor for editing my videos..

  2. Does the WINDOWS FIREWALL and any ANTIVIRUS interfere with the installation progress?
    I noticed that there's no SECURITY feature active during the process. Sorry I asked, I'm just making sure that no
    malware included in these things.

  3. how can this be so freaking shady compare to ios jailbreaking……….wen we tkae count that windows has so much more users and you don't even need to hack operating system just HOW??

  4. I many tutorials I have seen your pc.the toolbars below are very cool.i wanted to know how did you do that. please reply quickly.i like your videos very much. I also have subscribed your channel.

  5. i many tutorials i have seen your pc. its vey cool. i want to know how have customised it . i mean the icons below like mac book ios are very cool how did you do that. please answer this question

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