How to Defrag Windows 8 – How To Defrag Your Hard Drive Easily

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In this video see quick steps to defragment the hard disk of your Windows® 8 PC. How to defrag your computer is easy to do and only takes a few moments to get started. Learn how to speed up your computer for free. Here is a Windows 8 tip that you need to know to make Windows 8 run smoother and faster. Clean your hard drive today by running defragmentation every week.


  1. one of my driver / hard drive things, idk what it is ( has a unrecognizable name) is at 34% fragmented and says needs to be optimized yet i cannot get it to do so just closes and re-opens the window and fixes nothing. can you help?

  2. Question: Can I still defrag it if it doesn't need it? i'm pretty sure it does. my Windows is running really slow. I go to Firefox and it keeps crashing. there are a good amount of files on my Windows that are making it run slower than normally. so if I do defrag it, will that mean that Firefox won't crash anymore- or is that a separate problem? is Firefox crashing because my computer is running slow?

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