How to disable Cortana Windows 10 Totally & Permanently (Kill Task Process) Free Registery Hacks

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In this video see how to disable Cortana in Windows 10. Quickly see to how to turn off Cortana. Learn in this tutorial how to shut off Cortana through a Windows registry hack and completely disable Cortana through the Task Manage End Task Process. So if you want to know how do I turn off Cortana then my video tutorial is for you.

BTW: Some good info to know: I performed the steps in my video, that show how to disable Cortana Windows 10 Anniversary or how to disable Cortana Windows 10…


  1. Thank you for the video, works just how you said it would. One thing I will point out is that searching with file explorer will retrieve more files than needed and at a slower rate than normal search.

    NOTE Neil Oliver Ebarat's comment below. If I had done what he suggested I would still have my search functioning. May reset PC if it bugs me.

  2. 2018 update:

    dont fully rename, add "123" or something fast and simple at the end of the folder name. then go in the folder delete subfolders that relate anything to capturing data, then delete cortana. "action" "actionurihandlers" "backgroundtask" "contactpermisions" "smartextraction". you need to be the owner of the files before deleting, once youve done that. go back to the folder delete the "123" you added and now youve gained the local search without data capture.

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